"Let's create an App!" "Okay.  To do what?" "Well... I just moved back from New York.  I have to start all over.  I don't have any friends here.  It's hard to meet people." I decided to make an app that would help JC make friends.  I just didn't know how or  what would be the metrics for success. I just knew I wanted to make it easier for her.

The Party Problem

How do you connect with someone after an event? You introduce yourself, you talk, you try to exchange contact info-
"Ah ha!" That was it! I would make an app to streamline exchanging contact information.

It's awkward if there's no business card. What social media should you use? Is this professional or social?
My app would minimize the number of steps necessary to connect with another.

Using lean UX principles, I begin...

My Design Process

From Sketches to Design

A Prototype

Introducing Rover!

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